Tuesday, August 20, 2019

 Lunch Today

Breakfast Tomorrow

Lunch Tomorrow

Hot Dog on a Bun
Salad Bar

Hot Cereal

Meatball Sub
Salad Bar

Secondary News

Students , you received packets to take home last week.  In this packet is paperwork for parents to fill out and and student need to return the paperwork to Mrs. Vernie by Wednesday, September 4th.

Middle and high school schedule changes must be made by this Thursday, August 22nd.  Please see Mrs. Bandy during break and lunch to make schedule changes.  Please do not go see her during class.

If you would like a lock for your locker, you can see Mrs. Vernie beginning today during break or lunch only in her office upstairs.

There will be a high school speech team meeting today during homeroom in the high school flex room.

There will be an L Club meeting tomorrow during homeroom in the high school flex room.

High school students leaving for lunch, the Hipstir wagon would like to remind you that they have lunch items for sale.  Stop by and see them.

Elementary News

Happy Birthday today to Sayra Arneros, Daniel Galvan and Teagan Neuhalfen.

Reminder - Kindergarten through 3rd grade do not have school tomorrow or Thursday.

The subject for this week’s question of the day is bugs.

Yesterday’s question of the day for kindergarten thru 2nd was:  How many legs does an ant have?  Mrs. Brossart’s, Mrs. Cummings’ and Mrs. Frank’s classes knew that ants have 6 legs.

Yesterday’s question of the day for 3rd thru 5th was:  Which insect is most similar to a swallowtail?  Mrs. Cummings’ class knew that a swallowtail is a butterfly just like a monarch.

Today’s question of the day for 3rd thru 5th is: Bees are social insects.  Name another social insect which builds large conical nests up to 30 feet high in some tropical and subtropical regions.

If you know the answer, turn it in to the basket in the office by the end of the day.