Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Lunch Tomorrow

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Secondary News:

The following students still have books out:  Emily Forristall, Hannah Gaede, Elivia Hilferty, Tristen Iiams, Bradley Stuckey, Judah Tatum, Hannah Bailey, Jovany Hernandez-Marrufo, Hauk Hubbard, Shae Sanchez, Brook Smith,  Michael Saine, 
Jason Stuber Bogle,  Kaitlyn Tarver, Zela Traxler, Braden Yoder, Bree Bandy,  Trey Jeffries, and Sidney Rosler.  You are now paying a $1 fine per day.

Students you need to get your fines and fees taken care of by the time you checkout.  For 8th grade that means by 4 pm today. 

Mrs. Bandy hung information regarding MCC College Cost on her window.  At this time you need to plan for a 3 credit course being paid, there will be a budget meeting at a later time to determine if this will go to 4 credits.  Please see Mrs. Bandy if you have any questions.

Any student who is interested in taking a  course for credit recovery please see Mrs. Bandy this week.  Classes will be offered through Colorado Digital Learning Solutions.  Students are responsible for the cost of tuition which is $200 plus a $10 process fee!

Middle and high school finals are this week.  Today you will take your 2nd, 4th, and 5th hour finals.  Schedules are hanging on Mrs. Vernie and Mrs. Bandy’s windows.

There will be a football meeting today during break at 9:30 in the concession stand area for any 6 - 11th grade student interested in going out for football next year.

Anyone wanting to ride their horse to school on Thursday, please meet at Arby's and be ready to ride by 6:45.

There will be an FBLA officer meeting today during lunch in Miss Rudders classroom.

Please put your recycling box outside your door 1st thing this morning.  This will be the last pickup.

All students will receive their checkout sheets today to checkout of their classes as they go to each class.  At 3:45 you will go to your sponsors room to return them and finish in the morning.  8th grade will check out completely today and before you leave you will need to give your checkout sheet to Mrs. Vernie, not your sponsor.

Happy Birthday to Kim Steinhart today!!

Elementary News

Happy Birthday today to Inara fare and Adilynn Layton.

Congratulations to Ms. Steinhart’s and Mrs. Cummings classes for winning the Badger Pride competition.  Good job to everyone.

Please make sure to check the lost and found table.

Yesterday’s question of the day for kindergarten through 5th was:  What time will you be dismissed to get out of school on Thursday?  Mrs. Frank’s class and the 4th grade B group knew that we will be dismissed at noon tomorrow.

Today’s question of the day for kindergarten through 5th is: How many students did we end the year with in Limon Elementary?  A) 157, B) 217, C) 237 or D) 257

If you know the answer, turn it into the basket in the office by the end of the day.