Wednesday, August 23, 2017

 Lunch Today

Breakfast Tomorrow

Lunch Tomorrow

Pulled Pork on a Bun
Salad Bar
Oven Fries


Mozarella Dipper
Hot Veggie
Salad Bar

High School News

You all should have received student packets on the first day of school from your sponsors.  Please make sure you take them home and have your parents fill out the appropriate forms and return them to Mrs. Vernie ASAP.

Today at 4 pm seniors will be taking senior banner pictures in the gym.

There will be a senior class meeting today during homeroom in Mrs. Hansen’s classroom.

All schedule changes need to be made by 4 pm tomorrow with Mrs. Bandy.

Student parking is on the east side of the gym in the dirt parking lot, not in front of the school.

Students please remember skateboards and scooters are not allowed on school grounds.

Tomorrow high school stuco members need to meet in Mrs. Bandy’s computer lab during homeroom.  The following students need to attend: class or group presidents and the stuco-reps from each class and group.

Elementary News

Happy Birthday today to Carson Perry and Audrey Spencer.

Yesterday’s question of the day for kindergarten through 2nd was:  How many moons does Earth have?

Yesterday’s question of the day for 3rd through 5th was:  Which planet is the farthest from the sun?  We didn’t get any correct guesses.  The planet Neptune is farthest from the sun.

Today’s question of the day for 3rd through 5th is:  Which of the eight planets in our solar system is the largest?  A) Earth, B) Saturn, C) Jupiter, or D) Mercury 

If you know the answer, put it in the basket in the front office by the end of the day.