Wednesday, October 18, 2017

 Lunch Today

Breakfast Tomorrow

Lunch Tomorrow

Grilled Chicken on a Bun
Salad Bar
Hot Veggie


Hot Veggie
Salad Bar

High School News

Congratulations to the High School Volleyball team on a great job last night.

There will be an NHS meeting today during homeroom in Miss Sauter’s classroom.

High School students can sign up for this weeks career presentation with Miss Rudder.

Hoby Leadership Application's are due to Mrs Bandy by November 1st.

Today is bus evacuations on the east side of the gym.  6th and 9th grade will go at 8:15 am, 10th and 7th grade will go at 8:30 am, 11th and 8th grade will go at 8:45 am and 12th grade will go at 9 am.  You will be dismissed over the intercom.

Middle school football will turn in uniforms and equipment today immediately after school in the WMC.  Also, please bring Coach Love $5 if you would like to participate in the pizza party.

Elementary News

Happy Birthday today to Charlie Hoose.

Today is the bus evacuations in the bus lane.  Please have your class outside at your scheduled time.

Yesterday’s question of the day for Kindergarten through 2nd was: Which dinosaur is known for the three horns on it’s head? Mrs. Cummings’ and Mrs. Frank’s classes knew that the Triceratops is the dinosaur with three horns on it’s head.

Today’s question of the day for Kindergarten through 2nd is:  What enormous, plant-eating dinosaur has a name that means “thunder lizard”?  A) brontosaurs, B) stegosaurus or C) tyrannosaurus rex

Yesterday’s question of the day for 3rd through 5th was:  Which dinosaurs are also known as “duck bills”?  Quinton Pilling knew that the dinosaur also known as “duck bill” is a  hadrosaur. 

Today’s question of the day for 3rd through 5th is:  Which dinosaur has a name that literally means “reptile foot”?  A) sauropod, B) triceratops, C) velociraptor or D) tyrannosaurus

If you know the answer, turn it into the basket in the office by the end of the day.