Wednesday, May 22, 2019

 Lunch Today

Breakfast Tomorrow

Lunch Tomorrow

BBQ Chicken on a Bun
Salad Bar
Vanilla Pudding

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Elem. Only

Secondary News

If you are interested in taking a driver education course this summer in Elbert, please see the ledge outside the office upstairs or the main office downstairs.

Time is winding down!  Your 2019 Yearbook can still be purchased, but you must order and purchase it by the end of today.  Yearbooks will be ordered the day after graduation and will be in by the middle of June.  Only those paid for will be ordered!! 

Students, you will get your checkout sheet this hour and as you go to each class today you will have your teacher sign you out.  Lunches cannot be signed off on until after lunch.  You will go to your sponsors classroom at 2:05 and we will begin locker checkout with juniors and work our way down.  Please make sure your checkout sheet is completely filled out including writing in your classes by the time you get down to the main desk at the end of they day with your class is dismissed. 

The following students need to turn in either MCC packets or waivers.  Please see Mrs. Bandy or Mrs. Vernie to see what you are missing.   EldreeAnna Brave Eagle, Cody Caton, Alex Carr, Trey Hines, Sidney Hines, Olivia Houghton, Kellen Kappel, Kaysen Schmidt, Jaley Schubarth, Barbera Leach, Judah Tatum, Litzy Carrasco, Lauren Stang, Brylie Thompson, Mahalie Owens, Zarrah Dundes, Savannah Frasier, Elivia Hilferty and Brooke Younger.

Students, due to the weather the ride your horse to school will now be on Thursday morning and will leave the Arby's parking lot at 7:15 in the morning if anyone would like to join them. You can contact Becky Thompson if you have any questions.

Any students who need or want to make a course over the summer need to see Mrs. Bandy or Mrs. Weisensee ASAP.  Courses are offered through Colorado Digital Learning Solutions and start June 3, 2019.

If you find a car fob please turn it in to the front office.

Elementary News

Happy Birthday today to Saihje Mauer.

The trip to the Limon Heritage Museum for 3rd. 4th and 5th grade is cancelled today because of the weather.

There will be an elementary awards assembly tomorrow at 9:30am in the Event Center.

Yesterday’s question of the day for kindergarten thru 2nd was: Where in Limon would you go if you wanted to go fishing?  Mrs. Frank’s class knew that you can go to Doug Kissell pond to go fishing.

Today’s question of the day for kindergarten thru 2nd is:  If you wanted to learn more about the history of Limon where could you go?

Yesterday’s question of the day for 3rd thru 5th was:  Who is the current Mayor of Limon?  Jayner Jonathan, John Mytyk, Richard Mytyk, Audra Kollath, The 4th grade A and B groups and the 5th grade A group knew that Julie Coonts is our current Mayor.

Today’s question of the day for 3rd thru 5th is:  What is the approximate population of Limon according to the 2010 census?  A) 880, B) 1,880, C) 2,880 or D) 3,880

If you know the answer, turn it in to the basket in the office by the end of the day.