Student Data Privacy

Limon Board Policy JRCB and JRCB-R

Per 22-16-107 Each local education provider shall post and maintain on its website clear information that is understandable by a layperson explaining the data elements of student personally identifiable information that the local education provider collects and maintains in the local education provider's data system.

Each local education provider shall post and maintain on its website a list of the school service contract providers that the local education provider contracts with and a copy of each contract.

Each local education provider shall post on its website, to the extent practicable, a list of the school service on-demand providers that the local education provider or an employee of the local education provider uses for school services. At a minimum, the local education provider shall update the list of school service on-demand providers at the beginning and mid-point of each year.

Each local education provider that uses on-demand school service providers shall post on its website a notice to on-demand providers that, if the local education provider ceases using or refuses to use an on-demand school service provider pursuant to paragraph (c) of this subsection (3), the local education provider will post on its website the name of the on-demand provider, with any written response that the on-demand provider may submit, and will notify the department, which will post on its website the on - demand provider's name and any written response.

Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (a) of this subsection (4), a local education provider that is a small rural school district shall adopt the student information privacy and protection policy by July 1, 2018.

The following list of applications that teachers use that may have students personally identifiable information.  All companies listed follow Colorado State Laws regarding the confidentiality of student data. We will continue to update this list as other software titles are utilized.

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All The Right Type Privacy Policy
Amplify Privacy Policy
ArbiterAthlete Privacy Policy
ArcGIS Privacy Policy
College in Colorado Privacy Policy
Dibels Privacy Policy, Colorado Addendum
Enrich K-12 Privacy Policy
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ESGI Privacy Policy
FFA Privacy Policy
Freckle Privacy Policy
Google Classroom Privacy Policy
Google For Education Privacy Policy
Harris School Solutions Privacy Policy
Holt McDougal Privacy Policy
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Privacy Policy
HUDL Privacy Policy
Imagine Learning Privacy Policy
Kami Privacy Policy
McGraw Hill/Prentice Hall Privacy Policy
NWEA Privacy Policy
Pearson Privacy Policy
PLT4M Privacy Policy
Prodigy Privacy Policy
Quizlet Privacy Policy
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Reading A-Z Privacy Policy
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Teaching Strategies Privacy Policy
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